Claude Larochelle, Municipal councilor for Fabreville, proposed that the City of Laval update its food supply framework in the municipal buildings to include a ban on the sale of soft drinks and sugar-sweetened energy drinks during the City Council meeting tonight.

An outdated food framework

The Official Opposition representative argued that the city’s current food framework, which dates back to 2009, is no longer adapted to the realities of the market and that rapid political intervention is necessary to facilitate healthy lifestyles among residents in Laval.

“There is an inconsistency between our desire to defend healthy lifestyles and the sale of sugary drinks in our municipal buildings. Our food framework does not comply with the current requirements of specialized associations and we need to update it quickly,” suggests Mr. Larochelle.

Citing for example the Coalition Poids, which took a model of resolution based on the example of the municipality of Amqui, encouraged more than 80 municipalities to prohibit the sale of energy drinks in their municipal buildings, Claude Larochelle hopes Laval will join the health turn.

Act locally and concretely

The Leader of the Official Opposition, Michel Trottier, is of the opinion that the city of Laval must take inspiration from recent initiatives by the Government of Quebec to restrict access to alcoholic energy drinks in order to intervene in a local jurisdiction.

“Although this proposal may seem restrictive for some, it actually allows us to improve the health and well-being of the people of Laval. As a proximity city and government, we do not have to submit to the rules of the private market and we have the chance to offer healthy environments. It is exactly in the spirit of this mandate that we hope for a new food framework,” explains Michel Trottier.

The proposal will be debated at the next council on April 3rd.