Parti Laval-Équipe Michel Trottier is a vigilant defender of accessibility and innovation within Laval. Our political will stems from local involvement and an ambitious vision for the development of our city. We are proposing initiatives that live up to current citizens’ aspirations, and those of tomorrow.

What we do, we do with love, and while looking toward the future.

Participatory Budgeting

Create 7 neighbourhood councils that would act under the leadership of municipal councillors in targeted districts. Citizens would be able to express their opinions, needs, and present their projects. These committees would be given a participatory budget of 300 000$ each.

Smart Payment

Allow for the payment of residential property tax to be made in multiple installments through automatic banking, and at a reduced interest rate.


Modify the law governing animals to cancel obligatory microchipping. Cancel the annual license fee for cats and replace it with a permanent license. Ensure that cats wearing collars can roam through neighbouring yards without being considered a nuisance.

Free Buses

Provide a free bus service to Laval students aged 17 to 25 undertaking full-time post-secondary education while maintaining service gratuity for citizens aged 65 and over.

Tax Freeze

End the over-taxation of Laval citizens by declaring a total freeze on residential property tax for the duration of the four-year mandate. This freeze will be in place as long as the rate of inflation is inferior to 3%.

Priority: Neighbourhoods

Prioritize life within Laval’s neighbourhoods by improving, renovating and developing the infrastructure dedicated to leisure, sporting and cultural activities as well as multipurpose community centers (indoor pools, arenas, multipurpose rooms, indoor and outdoor multisport spaces, etc ) all the while saving space for the elderly.

Tax Credit

Return the 10 million dollars retrieved from theft and corruption to citizens’ pockets through a special credit program on residential property tax in 2018.

60 000 Trees

Invest in the health of our city by planting 60 000 trees over four years, which represents a canopy coverage objective of 30% while improving the aesthetic quality of our boulevards.


Perte de contrôle de l’hôtel de ville

Le candidat à la mairie et chef du Parti Laval, Michel Trottier, dénonce la perte de contrôle de Marc Demers lors de la dernière séance du conseil municipal de ce mandat, ce soir. Le candidat à la mairie blâme le manque de procédure et la minimisation du droit à...

Prolongement du métro, un objectif à long terme

Le candidat à la mairie et chef du Parti Laval, Michel Trottier, stipule que le prolongement du métro à Laval, annoncé par Marc Demers, n’est pas réalisable à court terme puisqu’il dépend d’investissements des autres paliers gouvernementaux. M. Trottier réitère...