Presence, Pride, Innovation

Parti Laval-Équipe Michel Trottier is propelled by the vision of Fabreville Municipal Councillor Michel Trottier, whose hope is to see Laval rewrite its name on the leaderboard of great cities within Quebec and Canada. The party was fully forged in March 2016.  

We firmly believe that Laval must be creatively transformed by investing in its local environment. Beyond putting money into the downtown area, we believe that citizens can greatly benefit from redefining their need for local services within their own neighbourhoods.

Reprsenting official opposition at the city hall, the party scrutinizes the work that takes place there, ensuring citizens benefit from a balance of power, something Laval has been woefully lacking for several years.

Our vision

Transform Laval into a lively, contemporary city, enriched by the diversity of its neighbourhoods and inhabited by citizens proud to call it home. Laval will be a model city with welcoming neighbourhoods, a rich cultural life, successful businesses, fertile agricultural land and many areas given to natural space where residents can go to relax and grow. Laval will be dynamic and stimulating, a place where citizens will be proud to work, study, play and take root.

Our Mission

Establish bold, innovative initiatives to develop our city and its neighbourhoods. Inform and consult our citizens, involving them in the changes we envision. Create a thriving business climate that allows our entrepreneurs to prosper. Establish Laval as a leader within Quebec’s largest cities.


Our Values

Sound management is an essential value for political exercise and brings together the principles of transparency, sustainability, equality, self-abnegation, balance and responsibility. Sound management is at the heart of the Party’s identity and exists within each of its members.