Neighbourhood Life

“Because it starts first and foremost in our neighborhoods”

Neighborhoods are the soul of our city. They are one of the reasons people move to Laval and stay. Working to make neighbourhoods more dynamic is an ingredient that not only keeps Laval residents happy and together, but also encourages people to grow, study, work and play here. Improving the quality of life in neighbourhoods contributes to human, social and economic development.



“Efficient travel, a city that moves forward”

Laval is both a city and a region of Quebec, its territory covers an area of 246 km2.  Laval has several main roadways, a public transit system, adapted transportation, three (3) metro stations, five (5) train stations, bicycle paths and walking trails. By land, several bridges provide access to the Laval territory. Let’s ensure that residents can travel smoothly, economically, and safely by car, bus, bicycle or on foot. Let’s encourage the sharing of public roads and the cohabitation with active transportation.

Services to residents

Interacting to serve more effectively”

We want a city that communicates openly with its residents and has effective communication mechanisms adapted to the situation. Laval must respond to the questions, issues and proposals for improvement raised by its residents in a transparent and efficient manner while offering a safe living environment. 

Sound management

Performance at the service of democracy and taxpayers”

Sound management is the set of mechanisms that ensure that democratic and human values are respected by residents. Responsible financial commitments, rigorous control of public finances, consideration of the population’s wishes and ability to pay, gender parity and diversity within the municipal organization are among the values we defend.  Transparency, accountability and good governance will be the pillars of our municipal administration.

Economic Development

“A city of exception fertile with opportunity”

Our vision of development is based on our desire to see Laval regain its place among the great cities of Quebec and Canada by taking innovative and sustainable actions. Through our actions, we want to facilitate the emergence of the next generation of entrepreneurs, support the growth of our Laval entrepreneurs, and ensure that our city is a natural choice for businesses.

The Environment

“The environment, a natural commitment”

The environment is all the elements that surround us and contribute to our quality of life. Forests, wetlands, riverbanks, and waterways all contribute in their own way to providing the essential elements for our balance and that of the animal and plant species that surround us. We must protect this environment and the species that inhabit it in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Urban development

“Sustainable planning sculpted for the future”

Urban development is the purposeful transformation of a city’s territory for the benefit of the humans who occupy it. This transformation can be achieved through the beautification, harmonization, and preservation of the urban territory. Our actions in this field must be inspired by the principles of sustainable development. 

Social issues

“A city to thrive”

In the coming years, the City of Laval will have to deal with social issues, three of which stand out as priorities.  From a demographic standpoint, the city’s population will grow by approximately 80,000 people by 2031. This addition will come mainly from immigration.  Laval will also have to concern itself with the educational success of its youth and the health of its residents.  While these areas have traditionally been under the jurisdiction of the school service centers and health services, it is now clear that the municipalities have a key role to play in creating favourable environments to address the related issues.